Lenovo Desktops

Desktops Computers & All-in-Ones

The smartest stationary computers you can buy.

With all the media buzz that's been given to smartphones, tablets, and laptops, you might be wondering whatever happened to the desktop computer. Well, were here to tell you that while they haven't been making as much noise, today's desktops deserve some serious attention.

Powerful, Customizable & Affordable

We've said buh-bye to boring, and designed our entire line of Lenovo desktop computers from the most budget-friendly 300-Series, to the drool-worthy 23" AIO 520S all-in-one to look as good as they perform, with nary a beige box to be found.

There's also a huge variety, for every type of user.

Business Desktops

For businesses, we've built the ThinkCentre M-Series, a robust group of desktops that come in full-size tower, small form-factor (SFF), and all-in-one configurations. With CPU options up to 7th gen Intel Core i7, and both discrete and integrated graphics choices, your employees will love their computers.

Family Desktops

For families, our IdeaCentre 300, 500, 700 and AIO 500 Series match any decor with their brushed silver and black accents. An almost endless array of options means you'll always find the combination of price and features you're looking for.

Gaming Desktops

For gamers, we knew nothing less than complete pwnage would count, so our Lenovo Legion Y Series gaming desktop computers look and perform like caged lightning. VR-ready, overclockable quad-core Intel CPUs, discrete graphics that can render 1080p games at 275 FPS yup, they're completely mental. Oh, did we mention you can customize the RGB lighting?

With Lenovo desktop computers, sitting at a desk feels better than you ever thought possible.